Where do I start? I met Sonia while working at The Bay. I remember always seeking her out to do our makeup for any of our fashion shows. I referred her to all my family and friends for weddings or other functions. Sonia would always laugh and be like – “Kim, when am I going to get to do your wedding?!” The day finally came and I cannot express the amazing experience I go through every time I come to use her services. I absolutely adore Sonia – her sense of humour, her personality and professionalism is to admire. My comfort with her grew over the years of knowing her so I didn’t even do a trial for hair or makeup – we winged it all! Sonia – thank you so much for making my day so special and dolling me up.
— Kim

There’s no way you can have a beautifully finished bride without the help of a talented make-up artist. I was fortunate enough to have had the accomplished and incredibly ingenious Sonia Sajnani for my big day.

Leading up to my wedding events I had only heard about Sonia and her brilliant work. But after seeing photographs of some of her artistry on other ladies, I was really hoping she was available to enhance me for my events. I was so impressed by her work and testimonials from other women who had had the opportunity to have Sonia work with them, that I opted not to have a pre wedding trial.

When I connected with Sonia, I mentioned to her that I was hoping for a classy look without looking like I had makeup caked on me. I had described what sort of look I was going for using photographs and vivid descriptions, and I was thoroughly pleased with the outcome.

Sonia Sajnani is one of the most sought after bridal make-up artists in Alberta. She is very personable and highly professional; she was on time, scheduled enough time to assist getting my mother and I ready, was client - centred and made me feel at ease before each event. She was also a blast to hang out with!

Sonia has a great working relationship with other makeup artists and event vendors in the city, which enabled things to run smoothly.

Every girl desires to look fabulous on her big day and in her own unique way. I felt that because of Sonia, my appearance was one significant thing I did not have to be concerned about during my wedding festivities, and because of this, I had more time to spend with those people who mean so much to me.

I still look back at my wedding photographs which such delight and appreciation and love the look that was created for me.

Thanks Sonia!
— Mona

I couldn’t have imagined my wedding day without Sonia. Not only does she encompass all the professional qualities one would want in a make-up artist, but she is also an absolute joy to work with. Her energy was a great addition to the ‘getting ready’ activities on my wedding day and my entire bridal party loved working with her. I was completely confident in her ability to give me a look that I would be comfortable with and would also make me feel beautiful on such an important day. I wish I could have Sonia on my glam team everyday!
— Katie